1. What project artifacts does the project manager have in the initial phase of the project based on the case study in this chapter, and how would they be used in developing a quality management plan.

discuss at least 1500 content words, at least 3 references, typewritten in double-spaced format (12-point font Times New Roman), page margins Top, Bottom, Left Side and Right Side = 1 inch including all pages, with reasonable accommodation being made for special situations and online submission variances.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines, including a title page, an introduction, and a conclusion. An abstract is not required. Cite in text and include a References section.


Review the below Lewton Telecom – Engineering Prototype Project quality management case.  Write the paper in answer to questions 1-5 below.

1. What project artifacts does the project manager have in the initial phase of the project based on the case study in this chapter, and how would they be used in developing a quality management plan.

2. What type of data analysis methodologies with the project manager design into the quality management plan and how would they be used?

3. What components of the triple constraint will the project manager be most concerned with during the development of both prototypes required for this project?

4. Based on the case study in this chapter, establish quality metrics that would be used throughout the project lifecycle.

5. Developed a comprehensive quality management plan for this project.

CASE STUDY:  Lewton Telecom – Engineering Prototype Project
Lewton Telecom is a midsized company that develops telecom products for the cellular phone industry based in the United States. This company has two locations one is the headquarters where corporate management, accounting, and human resources, as well as all engineering and development, reside, and a second small production facility. After a review of a customer-detailed specification for a new cellular phone base station amplifier, it has been determining the project will be approved for the development of a prototype amplifier.

A project manager has been identified at Lewton Telecom and has been given the task of developing a project management plan to manage the goal of creating the prototype amplifier. The project manager starts with a comprehensive and detailed specification provided by the customer, and a brief overview statement of work that was developed by the initial evaluation team at Lewton Telecom. As this project manager is one of the senior project managers at Lewton Telecom, she has managed several projects a very similar type and based on her experience with again be the best selection for the project manager in accomplishing this project objective. Lewton telecom has several design engineers seasoned in power amplifier development as well as an extensive staff of both manufacturing and process engineers that have seen these type of projects to high-volume production. There is also research scientists, battle hold PhD’s specific to this type of product, that are tasked with the development of new technologies required to meet various customer demands.

As Lewton Telecom has accomplished these types of prototypes several times in the past, the project manager sees little challenge with items that are unknown in developing the overall project plan, the challenge will be to meet the customer’s price expectations in volume production and this may influence how the prototype is created and evaluated. The project manager and project team has decided to create the original prototype as usual with US-based manufactured products to verify form fit and function for product approval. Lewton telecom has most of their products in high-volume production using their own manufacturing center and Asia and this has been to keep prices will adopt to compete competitively with other US-based manufacturers. The project manager and project team have determined that in addition to the first prototype, a second prototype should be made using the agent-based suppliers materials to confirm quality, as well is form fit and function. The project manager will be challenged with maintaining quality of the second prototype to ensure Asian-based suppliers can provide materials that will meet quality expectations of the customer. Typical products used in this base station amplifier would include; a machined aluminum housing typical of US-based machine shop, versus a cast aluminum housing that would be used in high-volume production, circuit boards, RF cables as well as ribbon electrical cables.

The project manager now has an added challenge of a second prototype that will need to be made and qualified with Asian-based materials to confirm not only the product conformance to all customer specifications, but confirmation that it will meet price targets in volume production. This creates an added challenge of time as well as project cost and a very high sensitivity to product quality to ensure the sustainability of this product for the organization and the continued good relations between the customer and Lewton Telecom.


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