10 Slide “Adding Technology To A Business PPT

Due 1/26/24 8pm EST


Examine workflow processes in your place of employment (Elementary School Teacher) for areas that may need improvement.

· Explore the literature for a technology that could be utilized to improve that workflow process.

When introducing workflow redesign or a new technology there are many steps to consider.

· Who does this impact?

· What are the costs?

· How do we know it is successful?

For this assignment create a PowerPoint presentation using the waterfall or agile method for a workflow redesign in your project.


· 10 slide presentation not including title or reference slides.

· Discuss design from start to finish (for instance…)

· What is your workflow redesign or technology being implemented? Why is it needed?

· What are the costs, risks, benefits?

· How will the optimal redesign be chosen and created?

· How will it be implemented and by who?

· How will you know if your redesign is successful? How long until you know?

· What maintenance is needed (guidelines updated, new software etc)?

· Include at least 3 recent peer-reviewed journal articles to support your proposed workflow redesign.


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