American Government and AND POLITICAL PARTIES

12/26/23, 5:48 PM Case – POL202 American Government (2023NOV06FT-1) 1/2

Module 4 – Case


Assignment Overview

Getting to Know Interest Groups

This Web research assignment will help you understand the roles and purposes of interest groups.

Case Assignment

Write a 3 to 4-page paper comparing at least two interest groups.

Step 1

Research at least two interest groups.

Pick one interest group whose agenda you like and one you disagree with to research. Start by finding the homepage for each interest group on the Internet. Conduct further Web-based research to see what news sources have reported about the two interest groups, what some of their recent activities have been, which politicians they support, which politicians they oppose, and so on.

Step 2

Organize your findings.

Use the following questions to help you organize the information you find:

What is the main agenda of the groups you researched?




12/26/23, 5:48 PM Case – POL202 American Government (2023NOV06FT-1) 2/2

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What role has each interest group played in American politics?

How influential are these interest groups?

Why do you like or dislike them?

Was there anything in your findings that surprised you?

Step 3

Proofread and save your work.

Assignment Expectations

Use concepts from the background readings as well as any academic resources you can find (Wikipedia-type sources are not acceptable). Please be sure to cite your sources within the text and provide a reference page at the end of your paper.

Length: 3 to 4 pages, double-spaced and typed using 12 Point Times New Roman font.

The following items will be assessed in particular:

Your ability to apply the basic concepts to the questions.

Some in-text references to the background readings (APA formatting not required).

The essay should address each element of the assignment. Remember to support your answers with solid references including the background readings.

Upload your paper to the Case 4 Dropbox when it is completed.



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