American Red Cross

American Red Cross

Precious Teasley

Southern New Hampshire University

OL-665-X2120 Lead/Manage Not-For-Profit Org 23TW2

Dr. Gaye Warren

American Red Cross

The selected not-for-profit organization is the American Red Cross organization. This a humanitarian organization whose major role is to provide disaster relief, emergency assistance, and education about disaster preparedness in the United States (American Red Cross, 2023). The American Red Cross is selected because it is one of the biggest not-for-profit organizations in the United States and it has impacted so many lives. Every 8 minutes, the organization responds to an emergency and this shows the impact that it has in the community. The organization plays an important role as far as humanitarian services are concerned.

The most appealing thing about the American Red Cross is its selfless service delivery in emergency cases. Whenever the need arises, the American Red Cross is always on the ground and it offers its services without discrimination. Despite being not-for-profit organization, the organization’s employees are fully committed and dedicated to their work and they are always focused on doing the right thing. This makes the organization interesting in the sense that it is professional in delivering its duties and responsibilities.

The America Red Cross is a good candidate for the strategic analysis in this project because there is a lot of information available about the organization. A strategic analysis involves detailed research of the business environment of an organization (Grant, 2021). This is best done for organizations whose information is available publicly. The America Red Cross has a website that contains sufficient information for strategic analysis. This will ensure that all needed information will be available for the project.


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