an expectation of privacy for personal information data and emails generated,

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I truly believe workers should NOT use their work equipment for anything other than work. Me personally would never put my personal information into anything other than my own device. Managers have every right to make sure that the workers are using the equipment for work related because that’s what you are being payed to use it for. For example, I worked from home a couple years ago and the company I worked for provided the iMac and all the other equipment. Before I was hiring I made a agreement that I would only use it for work use and couldn’t no one use it but me. So one day I was off and I had went to the store and my sister was staying with me at the time and she didn’t know I was about to start working from home and when I made it back home she was on Facebook on my work computer without me knowing and I lost my job behind that. They also told me where they captured where someone took a picture of the iMac and that was unacceptable as well. Even tho I told them I wasn’t there and that my sister didn’t know that was my work computer she thought I had bought it for myself, I still lost my job. So workers shouldn’t use work equipment for personal use.

Based on this description and the information about the case provided in the module Resources area:

  • Should employees who utilize their work computers to store or send personal information, or to surf the internet, have an expectation of privacy for personal information, data, and emails generated, accessed, or stored on their work computers? Explain your perspective.

In your response posts to your peers, offer your own perspectives and experience.


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