Week 6: Consequences of Ethical Decision Making Every business leader, at some point in his or her career, will likely face a decision involving matters of organizational ethics. Leaders must find a way to make solid business decisions and yet remain faithful to ethical values; however, ethical values vary according to many factors, such as culture, situational considerations, and spiritual beliefs, among other things. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to say they are ethical and that they adhere to organizational policies and procedures while still making decisions frequently without consciously considering whether or not they are ethical. For you, as a global change agent, it is imperative to not only understand the importance of ethical decision making but also to begin gaining experience applying ethical frameworks as you analyze the consequences of ethical decisions in business settings. This week, you will examine ethical dilemmas by applying ethical frameworks to a specific business case. Further, you will analyze the consequences of making ethical decisions within a given business environment. Learning Objectives Independent scholars will: • Apply ethical frameworks to a business case • Analyze the consequences of ethical decisions in a business setting Writer: Please write 4 pages for this assignment and follow the rubric Assignment: The Price of Doing Good: Consequences of Ethical Decision Making Consider the following two scenarios: Scenario 1 James works in the accounting department of a large firm.While going over the books for the past several months, James notices that someone has altered the figures to increase earnings by several thousands of dollars. He suspects that the errors, which are in the company’s favor, are too consistent to have been honest mistakes. He knows that he should report his findings through the company’s ethics hotline. However, he worries that doing so will jeopardize his job security and reputation with the company. Scenario 2 Mary owns a small toy manufacturing company. One of her employees has noticed that one of the pieces on the most popular toy the company manufactures can detach from the toy. This detachment could pose a potential choking hazard to young children who play with the toy. No customers have yet reported problems with the toy. Mary wonders if she should report the potential hazard before anyone gets hurt. However, the recall would cost her company money and result in loss of sales during the busy Christmas season. As the scenarios illustrate, making ethical decisions often requires a trade-off for an organization or individual. After a scandal results from ethical wrongdoing, the proper course of action seems clear. Even so, employees and organizational leaders continue to struggle with making ethical decisions on a day-to-day basis as they weigh the cost of making such decisions. To prepare for this Assignment, think of a situation where a leadership team encountered a situation where things did not go well and they were faced with an ethical dilemma. Analyze what could have happened had they applied the appropriate decisions. Offer your solutions using an ethical framework. By Day 7 Submit a 4-page analysis (excluding cover page and References section) of the ethical situation. Your analysis must include the following: • A brief (1 paragraph) explanation of the ethical dilemma • An explanation of the ethical framework that, if applied by the organization to make its decision, would have resolved the ethical dilemma, including support for your analysis from scholarly research • An examination of both the positive and negative consequences of the decision, including the trade-offs that the leadership of the organization made in making their decision Note: Be sure to use the APA Course Paper Template (6th ed.) to complete this Assignment. Also, refer to the Week 6 Assignment Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this rubric to assess your work. Please Note: For each page of your paper, you must include a minimum of two APA-formatted scholarly citations. Submission and Grading Information

Analyze the consequences of making ethical decisions within a given business environment
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