Applied Sciences Help With Assignment On What HIPPA Is And What The Federal Law’s Position On Patient Privacy Is.

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These are the requirements for the assignment


  1. 1. Explain what HIPPA is and what the federal law’s position on patient privacy is. Look up and list two laws (statutes) in the Act.
    2. Research and list 3 state laws on patient privacy using the state you were assigned in a previous announcement. Because laws are often very long, do NOT copy and paste what you found.  Instead, provide the citation for the 3 laws and specify whether this a statute or regualtion. Next, read through the laws and summarize the gist of EACH law in 2-3 sentences.
    3. Read the court case Tarasoff v. Regents of University of California (link below). This is a case where the court tried to balance patient confidentiality with a therapist’s duty to warn. Do you agree with the court’s decision? Why or why not? Provide a discussion in light of HIPPA and the state laws that you found for Q2. Make sure you explain your reasoning.

  • The assignment must be typed using Times New Roman, font 12, be double spaced and between 3-5 pages. You must use in-text citations for any sources and ideas that are not your own. A bibliography (single spaced) is also required. Also, please review my comments and follow my feedback from Assignment 1. I will be looking for whether improvments were made in Assignment 2.

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