Applied Sciences Labels Assignment

Food Label Critiques

In this assignment, you will evaluate 4 labels at the store and 3 labels at home from foods you would feed to children.  Create a Word Document or Power Point with the comparisons and evaluations, including pictures or a transcript of the nutritional details.

Comparing the same food

At the grocery store, find two different products which are available in both “regular” and “low fat” or “low carb”.  (For example, regular Ranch dressing and low-fat Ranch dressing would be one product and Chicken Noodle Soup and low sodium Chicken Noodle Soup would be your second product).

From the Nutrition Facts on the back or side of the container, record (hand write or take a picture) the following for each of the 4 labels:

Total Fat

Total Carbs.




Write a paragraph (75-150 words) about each food pair, comparing each of the two items.  Decide which one of the two would be more healthy to eat and why.  How would the information from the labels impact your decision when choosing foods or a menu for children?

In the assignment, include your notes or pictures from the 4 labels you recorded and 2 paragraphs comparing each of the 2 foods you chose.

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