Design a Mini-GIS investigative project of your choice. Requires Advance ArcGIS skills

Please do not proceed on writing this report unless you believe you understand what is required fully.*

You are required to design and create a GIS investigative project of your choice, any region of your choice and implement tools learned recently such as GWR or OLS. No data is provided you are required to download them from sources such as USGS Earth Explorer website/Open street map/Ordnance Survey, government websites such as or any other accredited source.

Four learning outcomes for this unit tested in this assignment:

  1. Appropriately explain and apply the GI principles and methods for the investigation of environmental and geographical systems and spatially-based problem solving;
  2. Collect, process and analyse the geographic data from diverse sources and reasonably interpret the information;
  3. Evaluate critically the roles and limitations of GI methods in the exploration and analysis of geographical and environmental systems;
  4. Devise and design a small-scale investigative project that would make creative use of GI methods. This assessment, requires you to create and submit a full report that describes and explains the design, implementation and critical analysis of this GI project using one or more methods learned.

You need to justify the selection of these data and method(s). It is also important that the report include references to underpinning academic literature and theories /methods covered in both Terms 1 and 2.

It is suggested your report will include the following elements:

1) A GI project topic and your name

2) An introduction that clearly outlines the research problems/issues, study area and objectives of the small-scale project.

3) A summary of underpinning literature: briefly explain the main concepts and review the successful GI applications related to the topic.

4) A clear explanation of your project methodology (e.g. flowchart) and justify the selections of data sets and GI methods and techniques.

5) A clear explanation of GI implementations (e.g. main tools and parameters)

6) High quality illustration of your results (maps, images, graphs and tables) and clear interpretation of the results

7) Conclusions and critical evaluation of the GI project 8) References (up to 5% penalty).


Please note that excellent reports are able to communicate complex information using a combination of text and graphical elements. The aim of the report is to grab the attention of your audience, which in turn will generate interest in your GI application. All of your main points and conclusions must be clear and concise. Try to organise your report using words smartly, effectively and efficiently. Use spatial analysis tools statistical analysis tools such as Ordinary Least Squares regression (OLS) global regression method or Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) in ArcGIS.

***Download data using USGS Earth Explorer website/Open street map/Ordinance Survey***




Appropriately explain and apply the GI principles and methods for the investigation of environmental and geographical systems and spatially-based problem solving
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