BUAD 250- Female Exec: Week 5, by June 26


The Next Generation of Women Leaders, Ch 4

Networking for a Lifetime:  Identify two or three topics of interest from the chapter and share your thoughts with the group; then respond/reply to a comment from at least 1-2 other students.  Responses are due by Tuesday, but I encourage you to respond earlier if possible to provide time for lively discussion.



WK 5, by June 26, Gender: The Basics, Ch 5:

Please Answer each prompt individually.


1st set of prompts

Please read and review Ch 5 and then focus on the text material on pgs 106-10 regarding “Leadership, self, and identity” and “The labyrinth.”  Please share your reaction to this material with the group.  Is the image of the labyrinth helpful to you as you seek to understand the path many individuals encounter?  (What do you think the “center” could look like for you?)


2nd set of prompts 

Review the content on pgs 110-115 regarding “Are there “Female” and “Male” Leadership Styles?” and “Leaders as role models for women and men.” Please share your reaction and any pertinent examples you think may be helpful to the group.




3rd set of prompts 

Review the last section in this chapter, “The Impact of Leadership Positions on the Men and Women Who Hold Them.” Please comment on this material and then share your reaction, in general, regarding the overall content of this chapter.  Was it helpful to you?  If so, in what ways?  Please feel free to respond to the posts of others!

Are there “Female” and “Male” Leadership Styles?” and “Leaders as role models for women and men.”
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