Article Analysis

EDUU 696 Article Analysis


Students will use the UMass Global Library or their BCBA’s Gateway account to search for an empirical study on an intervention used in behavioral practice. The article must be on a behavior change intervention, use single case design methodology, and may not duplicate your assignment from EDUU 693.


When selecting your article, be sure that it is a peer reviewed empirical study on an intervention used in applied behavior analysis. An empirical study is one in which a researcher implements an intervention and analyzes data to determine if the intervention was effective or not.


Using APA guidelines, discuss how the selected study demonstrates or does not demonstrate the dimensions of ABA. Introduce your article with a summary of the study (1 paragraph). Give specific examples of how the article you selected aligns with the still current dimensions of ABA as discussed by Baer, Wolf and Risely (1987). Include in text APA citations from both articles throughout. Conclude your paper with a reflection on the value of using the still current dimensions of applied behavior analysis when selecting interventions in practice.


This assignment will be uploaded to Turn-It-In and a report will be required together with the submission in dropbox..




Criteria Point range Points awarded
Summary: Article is an empirical study that meets criteria for assignment. Goals, IV and DV were correctly identified and labeled 1-5  
Subjects and setting are sufficiently described 1-5  
Measures and procedures are accurately described. 1-5  
Results are discussed, analyzed and compared with researcher’s 1-5  
Overall value of the study is analyzed through the lens of Baer, Wolf, and Risley (1987). Multiple examples and references are used to justify your response. Citations are in APA style. 1-20  
Reflective statement on what you learned about intervention from having read this study. Multiple examples and references are used to justify your response. Citations are in APA style. 1-20  
Reflective Statement on how the information you learned from reading this study will impact your practice. Give specific examples. If you say it will not impact your practice, provide reasons for why that is the case. 1-20  

Total Points: Overall comments:


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