ASSIGNMENT 2 REL3851.E1 Family Relations

ASSIGNMENT 2 REL3851.E1 Family Relations

Read Balswick, Fifth Edition, Part 2 (Marriage, chapters 3-5). Then answer the following questions.

Follow the same format and instructions as on Assignment 1.

1. What do the authors say has changed in western mate selection? Pages 49-50

2. Summarize traditional mate selection, including the concepts of “bride price” and “dowry” in many older cultures. Pages 50-51

3. What were the beginnings of romantic love in western society? Page 52

4. Explain the connection of three Greek words to four types of love relationships. Pages 53-54

5. Explain why the “like marries like” theory is key to most marriage relationships. Pages 54-55

6. Discuss the Bowens Family Systems Theory. Pages 55-56

7. Summarize other theories of mate selection. Pages 56-57

8. Summarize the authors’ discussion of “cohabitation” either as a path toward or alternative to marriage. Pages 60-70 (Note: this answer should be longer than most).

9. Discuss what constitutes marriage, and explain how Christians tend to see God’s involvement in marriage. Pages 70-72

10.Discuss how the Christian community should respond to cohabiting couples. Pages 72-74

11. What do the authors say about God’s Will? Think about and describe how many people might mistakenly define “God’s Will.” Pages 75-77

12.Summarize factors that tend to predict marriage quality. Pages 78-79

13.How do you resolve issues of family origin before marriage? Pages 80-86

14.Explain differentiated unity as a solution to the dilemma of the modern marriage. Pages 86-89



15.Discuss new roles in the marital dance (perichoresis mentioned earlier). Pages 89-93

16. Summarize how you understand the authors’ model for biblical marriage. Pages 94-107 (Note: this answer should be linger than most).


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