behavior analytic perspective.

Chapter 11, 12, 13, 29


We are focusing on controversial therapies surrounding autism treatment delivery. It truly is a fad magnet, when one understands the huge amount of treatments available for this condition. Most of them are not proven to work. You will learn more about that, and read about the parent side of the equation – what motivates them to select a treatment? How can parents learn about what it really means to believe in evidenced-based practices? What are the influences on treatment selection?


Review this presentation on Standards of Evidence to get a better sense of what evidence is, from our behavior analytic perspective.


Why do people believe in fad things? Why do we believe in flying saucers, when there is no hard proof? Check out this talk about whether or not we might be ‘hard-wired’ to believe in unbelievable things:

You will choose 2 of the assigned chapters and write a 1 page summary on each


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