Continuing from last week, you will finalize your presentation to the CEO of your selected organization. As a reminder, you have been hired as a consultant by an organization that is similar to Gap, Inc. (large retail chain) or Netflix (online e-commerce business). The CEO of your selected organization explains that they would like to know if information technology can help the company to increase its competitiveness in their industry, as well as how their competitors leverage big data analytics, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence for strategic advantage and to drive business value.

Utilizing the above scenario, you will continue working on the presentation you began in Week 2 by adding Part 2, which should be approximately 4–7 slides. In addition to the slide content, you should also include text in the speaker notes section of each slide that would serve as the script you would use to deliver this presentation to a group of people. Your speaker notes should include your rationale and assumptions that pertain to each slide. For Part 2, you also need to have a minimum of 3–4 citations and references to support your direction (for a total of 6–8 for the entire presentation). Note: You may elect to include additional slides as part of an appendix if you have information you might reasonably assume that a CEO or upper management might want. It is not required that you do so.


Part 2: How IT Can Optimize the Organization’s Competitive Advantage

  • Explain, in general terms, how IS and IT can be used to increase an organization’s competitive advantage within its industry. (1–2 slides)
  • Based on your evaluation in Part 1, propose how your selected organization might optimize its competitive advantage using IS/IT. Specifically:
    • What existing strengths could the organization capitalize on to increase its competitive advantage? (1 slide)
    • How might the organization address its weaknesses or opportunities for growth and create competitive advantage through the use of IT/IS, specifically big data analytics, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence? (1–2 slides)
    • To further support your response, provide one or more examples of other organizations within the industry that saw an increase in their competitive advantage through use of one or more of those systems/technologies. (1–2 slides)
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