Assignment 2. Infographic (30%)



Infographics are a visualization of data or ideas that seek to convey information in ways that they become comprehensible and compelling. Often it is the use of analogies to present information including research findings into a meaningful context by relating them to things we already understand. For example, the Berkeley Media Studies Group suggests these tips when creating infographics presenting statistics:

  • • • • •

Break down the number by time
Break down the number by place
Personalize or localize your numbers
Provide comparisons to familiar things
Provide ironic comparisons



For more information:


Assignment Instructions

For this assignment create an infographic for an issue of your choice. Be creative and make sure that you are accurate in all your numbers, for both your statistics and the comparisons. Your submission should also include proper citations or credits for sources used. Include a brief (500 words max) text that is written to the instructor to describe your submission’s purpose, briefly describe the audience and distribution methods (social media or different forms of print media?) and your process and reflections in creating the infographic.
You will be assessed on your demonstration of understanding the concept of information graphics, the validity of the information presented and the creative and thoughtfulness of the presentation. Have fun!


Assignment grading Criteria



Infographic is engaging, accurate, comprehensible, creative and compelling.



Infographic and explanation to instructor display critical thinking skills and expertise in knowledge creation.


Demonstrated use of course concepts.




Clarity of writing or presentation including appropriate use of APA or another academically acceptable style. 10%

Briefly describe the audience and distribution methods (social media or different forms of print media?) ,process and reflections in creating an infographic
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