Pretend you are a movie producer and that you plan to make a movie about 20th Century U.S. history. Altogether, your assignment should emphasize one of the following themes: 1. Civil Rights. 2. War/Military Conflict. 3. The U.S. as a World Power. 4. The Role of Women in U.S. history. 5. Democracy in the United States. 6. Social Justice. 7. Economic Conflict. 8. Political Change. Write a movie “pitch” in which you explain why you want to make a film about this topic. In your “pitch” identify five specific examples to support why this would be a good subject for a film. Your film can be an action film/drama with fictional characters or a documentary. Be sure to provide at least five specific examples to support your point of view. These examples should come from the class reading materials. Use the following format and be sure to NUMBER and LABEL EACH PORTION: 1. Introduction. Briefly explain the subject of your film and why you think that topic is a good idea for a film. 2. Thesis. State a clear thesis/argument for the film. 3. Explain what type of film you would make (drama, action, documentary) and why. If you will be using fictional characters, say something about the main character(s). 4. Specific Example 1. 5. Specific Example 2. 6. Specific Example 3. 7. Specific Example 4. 8. Specific Example 5. 9. Conclusion. Briefly summarize and reiterate why you believe a film on this topic is a good idea. 10. Sources. List all sources you used. Try to provide accurate citations using Chicago format. Here is a short example (not 800 words). You might choose to make a film about warfare/military conflict. Your thesis could be that the United States has used military conflict to spread democratic values across the 20th century. You might choose to make an action film or drama using fictional characters who illustrate your point of view. Your five specific examples could be World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the First Gulf War, and the War on Terror. You could then provide specific details using your fictional characters to show how each of these conflicts (in your view) helped spread democratic values. You should explain the connection with each example clearly. Your conclusion should briefly summarize. Finally, you should list your sources. Feel free to be creative, but be sure to provide accurate hisotrical examples, accurate details, and to tie everything together with good explanation and argument! I did not choose a theme from the 8 that were listed. I will Let you choose which ever one you’d prefer to write about from the 8 that were listed.

Briefly explain the subject of War/Military Conflict film and why the topic is a good idea for a film
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