Business & Finance

Business & Finance

As a graduate student, you have been engaged in disciplinary practices aiming to deepen your knowledge and grow as a member of your professional community. In an assignment of approximately 750 words, reflect on and evaluate the experiences you have had in your graduate program thus far. Discuss the following questions:

  1. What has been the most compelling and thought-provoking in course readings and/or discussions;
  2. How your previous views have been challenged and/or reshaped;
  3. How you may apply what you have learned;
  4. In what way you may have felt inspired or disappointed by your experiences.

Even though this assignment is not a traditional research assignment, you are expected to demonstrate a depth of analysis and a breadth of vision based on your academic and field-related activities. You should include material from other relevant sources to provide evidence and exemplification for your arguments. The assignment should be formatted in the APA style and edited well. Review the assignment rubric to know what you will be assessed on.


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