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Watch the prompt (primary source) below to write a personal response assignment (4 pages).  Use APA 7th edition.

Prompt: “Remembering the Komagata Maru”

video link:,vid:kzNrKEUfHZ4,st:0

This assignment should include:

  • APA format including Title page (no abstract/no subheadings)
  • An introduction paragraph (following the general introduction pattern from the course pack) I
  • A background paragraph that provides historical context and information about the prompt. Provide a summary of the prompt.
    • The background paragraph must use at least one secondary source for background information. Be sure to paraphrase researched information fully and include citations.
    • Two body paragraphs that respond specifically to the prompt related to your thesis.
      • These paragraphs must follow the body paragraph pattern in the Course Pack.
      • Each type of response learned in class must be used at least once in the assignment.
      • The evidence for all body paragraphs must come from your prompt (the primary source itself).
    • A conclusion paragraph.
    • References page
      • It includes a minimum of 3 references (a reference for the prompt, a reference for the secondary source used in the background paragraph, and a reference for the source used for the comparative example response in the body paragraph).


Remember that the purpose of a personal response is to critically interact with the prompt.  The cognitive task of a personal response is to explain your emotional, intellectual, personal, and comparative responses to the prompt. You must focus on what YOU think and demonstrate how the primary source gives you this response.

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