Business & Finance Individual Midterm Assignment CBA

Individual paper assignment instructions:
1. Step 1 – Select a topic/case study for your ethical dilemma. This can be anything that
interests you and does not have to be something related to business (although it can be).
You can pick something from pop culture, your own life, the news, etc. Remember, a
dilemma is when a difficult or unclear decision needs to be made. You cannot pick the
same case study as what your group has done their group assignment on. Ultimately you
are going to be using all three ethical models to analyze the ethical dilemma you have
2. Step 2 – write a paper analyzing the ethical dilemma you selected using all three ethical
models. The organization of your paper should start with an introduction to the dilemma
you have chosen plus some background context, a section analyzing your dilemma using
each of the three ethical models, and then a conclusion that suggest the most ethical
course of action. Please make sure to give some background context for the dilemma you
have selected; even if it is something from pop culture, don’t assume your reader already
knows about it.
a. The final paper should be around 1250 words.
b. If you use any external sources, make sure to cite your sources. I don’t care what
format you use, but you should create a bibliography and cite your sources for
facts you state.
3. Submit your paper to Canvas by 11:59 p.m. on February 29, 2024. Please submit your
paper as a Word document (not PDF). Remember that I strongly discourage use of any AI
when writing this paper and I will certainly be checking for it. If you have used any
sources to help you write this paper (besides your own mind), which can include but is
not limited to ChatGPT, Grammarly, etc. you must submit both the version of the paper
you wrote entirely on your own plus the version that you used other programs with. I will
then evaluate independently to determine if the ideas were truly your own (versus if you
had a program write your paper and you just re-worded it). Submissions that are
determined to largely not be your own work will not be given full credit. Submissions
where it is determined that AI was used and the student did not submit both versions will
be considered plagiarized and will not be given any credit (and I will consider reporting
to the University for further disciplinary action).
4. This paper is worth 30% of your grade.
Let me know if you have any questions.



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