Business & Finance Informative Presentation Feedback Assignment

Check the list attached below to find the name of the  (4) presenters you have to review.  Then revisit Module 5: Informative Video Assignment. Click on the discussion thread for your assigned presenters and post your feedback after you click REPLY to that presenter’s initial post.  Be sure to follow the directions to receive full credit.

Your feedback should not contain general statements such as, “Your eye contact was good”; Or “I loved your attention step”. Provide specific feedback describing strengths and weaknesses through behaviors you note,  to help the presenter improve. You will receive full participation points for complete and timely feedback provided with proper grammar and sentence construction

Your post should contain 2 short paragraphs- One for strengths and One for weaknesses.  Each paragraph should discuss the content, organization, use of technology, use of slides, and delivery.

NOTE:  Students need the feedback to complete their self evaluations. Late feedback will not receive points.

If a presentation you’ve been assigned to view is uploaded late please keep checking to complete the feedback

Video Links:


Anna G:


Anna L:

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