Business Plan

2.2.2 Executive summary and abstract (optional) You may be required to produce the optional executive summary in certain courses where recommendations are made to an organisation. It summarises the findings of the report for “busy executives”, showing a concise, condensed version of the full report, indicating its purpose, main arguments and conclusions. This overview may consist of several pages. An abstract, usually shorter (it is a half to one-page summary), is a brief overview of the entire report for the reader to decide whether or not to read the main document. Most academic journal articles or other research articles are prefaced by an abstract.

2.2.3 Table of contents After the previous sections, it will indicate (aligned to the right) the page numbers of the report main headings, subheadings, References and Appendices. 2.2.4 Introduction Introduces the research question(s), states the aim and motivation of the research and indicates the scope of the report (what it will cover).

2.2.5 Body and Literature Review The literature review provides a context for the report and includes a brief background to the subject (what others have written about the topic). The synthesized information from different sources and your conclusions will form the body of the report. This needs to be referenced and organized under appropriate (underlined, bold, or numbered) headings and sub-headings1 .

2.2.6 Conclusion Re-caps the objectives of the report, its aim and approach. Finally, it summarizes the major findings of the report and also its main limitations or recommendations2 .

2.2.7 Reference List As all academic assignments need to include in-text references, a final and more detailed Reference List is required (using the Harvard style). This precise list of references must appear after the Conclusion and before the Appendices (please analyse the pages 9-11).

2.2.8 Appendices3 It includes any additional, interesting or helpful information referred to in the report, but that is too large or not essential to include in its body. In the body of the report it will be indicated as, for example: “(see Appendix 1)”. Each single appendix is numbered and has a title. All appendices appear in the Table of Contents.

the Biasness will be a Company that manufactures Fermented products Vinigers, Garoums, Sauces
the word counts is 1500 words using Harvard style referencing and intext references and it is due on the 10th of September


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