Chemical Engineering

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Dr. Doria Chege

Hi Sharice and Class,

I enjoyed your response, and it is important for administrators and managers to be fiscally responsible for their organizations. This also includes having the foresight to anticipate industry changes. Going green and researching products to match objectives creates a culture of innovative thinking.

For example, according to Thakur, V. K. (2021) “China manufactures around 240 tons of pharmaceutical trash every day”. For instance, currently, healthcare workers use patient care gloves that meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. Organizations that have training institutes can adopt the practice of using biodegradable gloves as training tools. These gloves are rated at a lower tensile strength for practice with manikins only. This would manage much of the cost associated with training, provide an eco-friendly alternative, and reduce demand for scarce supplies in a currently taxed supply chain. In a post-Covid 19 world, research into this option may provide considerable cost savings.

Thoughts anyone?


Siwal, S. S., Chaudhary, G., Saini, A. K., Kaur, H., Saini, V., Mokhta, S. K., Chand, R., Chandel, U. K., Christie, G., & Thakur, V. K. (2021). Key ingredients and recycling strategy of personal protective equipment (PPE): Towards a sustainable solution for the COVID-19 like pandemics. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 9(5), 106284.


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