Choose 1 of the following health care organizations: 

Choose 1 of the following health care organizations:

  • Nursing facility
  • Hospital
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • Ambulance supplier
  • Hospice
  • Durable medical equipment supplier
  • Third-party medical billing company
  • Clinical laboratory
  • Home health agency

Imagine that your chosen organization has asked you to present on the importance of voluntary compliance for health care organizations.

Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation using either Microsoft® PowerPoint® or websites such as Google Slides™, Adobe® Slate, or Prezi™ that addresses the board of directors at your organization.

Explain the following in your presentation:

  • The major elements of a compliance plan for this type of organization
  • How this compliance plan differs between your selected organization and other health care organizations
  • Why it is important for this type of organization to implement a compliance program
  • What may happen if a voluntary compliance program is not used in an organization
  • The differences between a voluntary compliance program and a corporate integrity agreement (CIA)

Review the Corporate Integrity Agreement Documents page on the Office of Inspector General (OIG) website in preparation for your presentation.

Cite 3 reputable references to support your assignment (e.g., trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality).

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.


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