Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-Assessment

PRAC 6552: Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-Assessment Form FNP Students

Skill / Procedure Confident (Can complete independently)

Mostly Confident (Can complete with supervision)

Beginning (Has performed with supervision or need supervision to feel confident)

New (Has never performed or does not apply)

Breast Examination X Basic microscopy (yeast, BV)


Obtaining vaginal culture


HARK screening X Contraceptive Options X Herpes Culture X Pap Smear X IUD Insertion and Removal


Auscultation Fetal Heart Tones


Fundal Height Assessment


Pregnancy Testing X EPPDS Screening X Pelvic Exam X

Summary of strengths:

Opportunities for growth:

Now, write 3–4 possible goals and objectives for this practicum experience. Ensure that they follow the SMART Strategy, as described in the Learning Resources.


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