Codes of Ethics

Last week, in Part 1 of this Assignment, you defined what it means to be an authentic, emotionally intelligent, inclusive manager and identified your core beliefs and values. This week, for Part 2 of the Assignment, you will reflect on your personal and professional values, analyze how your values inform your managerial ethics, and develop a personal code of ethics to guide decision making and behavior in a managerial role. Additionally, you will explore how you will use these ethics in influencing positive social change.

To complete Part 2 of the Assignment, you will assume the role of a manager in the following scenario:

Your peer mentoring group for managers held its first meeting last week, during which you and other managers shared your thoughts on authenticity, equity, inclusivity, and how your values and beliefs have been shaped throughout your life.
At the end of the meeting, your master mentor explained that each of you will now use these thoughts and reflections to 1) develop your personal code of ethics and 2) use your skills and abilities to influence positive social change.

As you prepare your write-up, be sure to cover all items outlined, including the incorporation of references to appropriate academic sources, such as those found in the Learning Resources or those in the Walden Library.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Reflect on the definitions you described last week, as well as the values and beliefs you identified. Consider how these ideas might combine to form your personal code of ethics as a manager.
  • Additionally, consider how you might use this personal code of ethics, as well as other management and leadership skills (e.g., authentic leadership, emotional intelligence) to be an effective agent for positive social change.
  • Locate at least two examples of personal codes of ethics (or codes of conduct) online.


Submit your 3- to 5-page write-up, being sure to address all components within each of the following sections:

Analyzing Others’ Personal Codes of Ethics

  • Analyze the personal codes of ethics of other individuals. Address the following:
    • Select two examples of personal codes of ethics (or codes of conduct) that you located online and attach them as appendices to your paper.
    • For each example, identify at least two specific aspects that resonate with you and/or that you would find helpful in guiding behavior as a manager. Additionally, for each example, provide at least one specific area that you believe could be improved.

Creating Your Personal Code of Ethics

  • Create your personal code of ethics. Address the following:
    • Identify 3–5 core beliefs, values, or principles that will guide your behavior and decision making as a manager.
    • Propose 2–3 specific behaviors for each belief, value, or principle to show how they are demonstrated in action. (Note: Behaviors are specific actions that are observable by others.) Begin each proposed behavior with the phrase “I will…”
  • Reflecting on your past experiences when you have had to make ethical choices, how will having a clearly defined personal code of ethics help you clarify your choices and make your decisions in the future?

You as a Change Agent

  • Propose how you will use your code of ethics to be an even more effective agent for positive social change. Be sure to include specific examples and details to support your assertion.
  • Describe how using your emotional intelligence, as well as other management and leadership skills, can help you be more effective as a change agent. Be sure to include specific examples and details to support your assertion.

Refer to the Week 8 Assignment Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this grading rubric to assess your work.


What Is Your Personal Code of Conduct?

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