Community Management


The budget we have been assigned is 12K, and with this, we plan to maximize every dollar into

our social media platform presence. This plan includes targeting our LinkedIn, YouTube,

Instagram, and Facebook audience. We decided as a team to make these platforms our focal

point for engagement and brand awareness.

We are confident in our budget breakdown as it allows us to maximize each platform evenly

without taking away from another. We see each as equally important and want to ensure we

have the presence needed on each platform. In our research, we have found the importance of

gaining sponsorship for posts as it creates trust in the public from reputable sources, and we will

select a fair amount into community management personnel as it will keep things monitored

and allow us room to pivot if need be.

Below you will find our breakdown of one-time charges and important yearly costs:

● Community Management – 2K Yearly

● Image Library – $500

● Paid Advertising – $1000

● Social Media Templates – $1500


Ready To Get Started

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