The essay will deal with an aspect of fascist movements or régimes in comparative perspective, comparing topic of writers own choice in relation to two different national case studies. Q.1. Select any two European fascist movements or régimes from two different countries (i.e between Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy or between Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany) Compare and contrast one aspect of fascism as applied to the two case studies selected, selected from the following: 1) role of the leader (probably the easiest) 2) party-state relations 3) relations between fascist movement or régime and conservative establishment 4) relations between party or régime and the military 5) foreign policy 6) economic policy or relations with industry 7) social basis of support 8) (movement) appeal to youth or (régime) policies towards youth 9) (movement) appeal to women or (régime) policies towards women 10) (movement) appeal to workers or (régime) policies towards workers 11) role of racial ideology 12) cultural policies 13) role of paramilitary Doing as comparison between leaders would probably be the easiest. Between Hitler and Stalin for example. Use Ian Kershaw for Hitler as 1) he wrote the best bio and has a huge body of work on the Nazis and 2) as the lecturer appears to have a love of the author. The essay isn’t due until the 1st of June so take your time

Compare and contrast party-state relations of the Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany fascist movements
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