Creating A Positive Climate & Motivating Staff

After reading Chapter 8 section 8-1 you will compose a statement of commitment that describes how you will create a positive climate and motivate staff.


Positive Climate- Define Positive Climate and what it looks like in your program.

Modeling- Compose a statement of commitment that explains how you will use Modeling to support a positive climate. (Give specific examples)

Community Building- Describe how community building demonstrates teamwork skills, and how it will look in your setting. (Give specific examples)

Communication- Identify the components of effective communication and different types of staff communication, then describe how you will apply them in your leadership. Give specific examples of each.

Motivating Staff- Express the importance of motivating staff and give specific examples of how you will apply the Use of Encouragement and Job Enrichment to promote a positive climate in your program.


Assignment requirements

  1. Organize your paper in 5 sections; Positive ClimateModeling, Community Building, Communication, and Motivating Staff
  2. In addition to citing evidence to support your point of view, locate and cite an additional resource to support your paper.
  3. Follow APA formatting requirements, and cite resources correctly
  4. Your paper should be double-spaced, 12-pt font, and 3-5 pages in length not including the title and reference page.
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