Data Exploration Exercise



Use file: “Data Exploration Exercise.tflx” posted in this week’s module. Once file is loaded, click on “clean 1” to see the data and answer following questions:


1. What is the total number of flights?

2. How many cities have the flights originated from?

3. What is the most common range of distances flown?

4. What is the most common distance flown?

5. How many flights originating from the most popular city (city where most flight landed) landed in the state of New York?

6. Of all the flights that landed in Denver, what % originated in Nashville?

7. How many flights were flown on 7/22/2016 ?

Note: Please complete the exercise in TPrep. You should not use Excel or manual calculations. Please write down your answers in a .doc file, including some explanation of how you got the answers in T Prep, and upload your submission (doc file) in the assignments area.

This homework will be graded for 5 points


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