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Dr. John Rhome

A great post Christine!

You stated: “The first drawback is that ensuring patient confidentiality is often challenging (Reyna et al., 2019). Clinical data often utilizes sensitive patient information, including personal identifiers and medical history. ”

Firstly, Reyna et all 2019 statement is incorrect. It is simple to remove the specifics of patient information from informatic systems. Informatic systems are not EMR systems.

Now….you also mentioned ” Another drawback is data interpretation (Shilo et al., 2020). Clinical data can be complex and difficult to interpret, even for experts in the field. ”

This is very true, but I would question why we would not still analyzed and present informatics data even when some cannot understand the data.

It is here that we must train, educate and ensure the presented data is not agenda based. It is also here where we need individuals who are critical thinkers and not simply either head-line readers, or individuals who fail to understand the meaning of the words that are being used. Thoughts?

Dr. John

5/11/23, 5:12 AM


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