delivery of public health services

In the past weeks, you examined and explored the challenges and issues confronting delivery of public health services in individual communities and across the nation. The goal of public health is to prevent disease and promote health. To that end, take a moment to review your own community’s health needs through a purview of current events, your own community, town, or setting, by researching public health professionals and reviewing the following national databases:

 America’s Health Rankings

 2022 Scorecard on State Health System Performance


For this discussion, please complete the following using a minimum of 250 words and include at least two credible sources:

· Describe a significant health issue in your community or state (New Jersey).

· Compare the issue’s significance to the national priorities of  Healthy People 2030  goals (is it a national priority or just one found in your state or community).

· Explain the type of effort needed to fully address the issue (e.g., leadership skills, financing, organizational buy-in, stakeholders, perceptions, barriers, etc.).

· Evaluate how you can address this issue. As a public health practitioner, consider what your role might be, such as:

· Will you develop, lead, or be part of a public health program to address the issue?

· Will you work on financing, organizational buy-in, or stakeholders?

· What are you going to do to address this concern?


· 250 Words

· APA Format


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