Demand to access the learning resources and the SAS tools.

As you continue in your preparation for the Key Assignment, you must use SAS® OnDemand tools to complete the assignments. Your boss has asked you to present a recommendation in the form of a graphical presentation with supporting data that the company has gathered from last year. You must demonstrate that your recommendation is viable because it is data-based and analyzed and that you have enlisted the appropriate members of your department to contribute to the project. For this individual assignment, you will write a 500-word memorandum describing your plan. You must employ your analysis skills to demonstrate your understanding of the relationship between data, information, and knowledge. You must have already registered in SAS OnDemand to access the learning resources and the SAS tools. You will use SAS resources to learn the concepts using practical examples, exercises, and assignments. Complete the following steps:Log on to SAS OnDemand.  Access SAS OnDemand Support, where you will review some of the SAS online data and an SAS dashboard of various graphs and associated data. Review the data and the dashboard. In your memorandum, discuss what you observe in the business dashboard and what the association of related data might be (though the dataset is not provided). The following is the shortcut link to that sample marketing research dashboard and data in SAS OnDemand: Prepare a memorandum discussing how you would report the findings in Dashboard 26133 in the sample. The dashboard is similar to one that might be used to help a retailer when making business decisions.  Analyze and discuss the data makeup for the 3 sections of the Sample 26133 dashboard: Visitors, Products, and Referral Sites. Analyze and discuss the following:  Dates and/or date range for the sections in the sample 26133 dashboard  The data that were tracked in the sections of the dashboard  Provide concluding observations  Discuss the specifics of the top 10 products you would suggest as a result of the knowledge gained from the dashboard. Your response must be in the form of an MS Word document (500 words). You should also include a copy of the 26133 dashboard and highlight sections as you are explaining the dashboard in your report. Be sure to include your references. Submit the assignment into the assignment folder.

Only need it for the output tab.


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