Demonstrate information competence through library database research

Overview of Assignment
Your entire team will be assigned one topic from the six topics listed below. While this is an
individual assignment, your team will provide support and feedback throughout. Your final
report will be uploaded to Canvas and in APA format. You will follow APA guidelines for all
formatting, in-text citations, and bibliographical information. If you have questions about the
report, please ask me early. Allow yourself generous amounts of time for this assignment and
work each week on it. Writing and revising take time.
Purpose of Assignment
• Apply your knowledge of organizational writing/communication.
• Demonstrate information competence through library database research and through the
integration of data to bolster persuasive arguments.
• Analyze a business problem, and propose and analyze justifiable business solutions based on
researched data.
• Demonstrate literacy skills by producing a professional, business report.
Step One – Choosing your audience
Choose a company to be the audience of your report. Research about the company. You will
address your letter of transmittal to the board of directors of this company. This will be your
audience. Keep them in mind throughout your report. The company does not need to have your
particular business problem in reality.
Step Two – Researching your topic and creating a workplan outline
Following the guidelines from the librarian, research your topic. Use subject term searches and
consult databases with credible articles. Create a workplan outline. Overall, your outline should
provide a clear, logical structure for your report. It should help your audience to follow your
report’s research and findings.

Amazon Strategy
Companies know that no industry is safe from Amazon’s relentless ambition. From retail to
medical care, ocean freight shipping, gaming, hair salons, to many other industries; Amazon
continues to have an impact. It seems everywhere you look, there is a concept, technology, or
operational philosophy that was introduced by Amazon. Company X has asked you to help it
implement a few of these Amazonation strategies, to cater to the growing needs of an evolving
consumer base.
• What are Amazon’s success strategies? What is Amazonation?
• Why is Amazon a growing concern for other companies?
• Are there benefits or drawbacks in adopting Amazon’s strategies? If so, what and why?
• Who engages in the best practices and what are the lessons learned?
• How could the company implement these strategies?
 What criteria would the company need to develop to ensure success?

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