This Unit of Work is to include an overview plan for a unitone detailed lesson planreference to one diagnosticone formative and one summative assessment task, a clear orientation to selected curriculum (curriculum document, learning area, learning level), and an overarching justification and illustration of pedagogical and curricular considerations.

For this task, you will prepare a 3-week sequence of lessons (15 lessons) for a Year 7 EAL (English As An Additional Language) class. You may choose the topic, the approach and the outcomes. Yet I’ve chosen the topic for you. The topic is History of Australian culture (Year 7/Strand 3). You need to decide your specific lesson content for the 15 lessons that relate to History of Australian culture. So subtopics that will teach students History of Australian culture. However, the most important aspect of this task is that you are teaching EAL.

The Rationale of this task is to demonstrate your thinking about the relationship between curriculum, pedagogy and assessment by showing how the aims of the Victorian Curriculum are developed by your classroom strategies to create the desired and specified outcomes.

An example of a completed Unit of Work is uploaded named ‘Example Unit of Work’. Please use the template that is also uploaded to complete this task. You need to fill in every aspect in the template.

A further detailed lesson plan is also uploaded for support.


In your unit, you should include activities that give your target learners opportunities to develop their Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. You also need to clearly indicate how you will address the learning of grammar, take account of students’ prior learning, develop inter and intra cultural concepts, and make cross-curriculum connections. You will need to demonstrate sound judgment as to the timing, extent and sequence of learning activities.

The Unit should be based around authentic resources and tasks. Authenticity of text type and tasks is seen as a vital part of teaching EAL and this assignment seeks to expand your ability to incorporate them in your planning. Students should interact with at least 3 authentic resources during the 3 weeks, with the detailed lesson plan based on at least one authentic resource.

As part of your Curriculum-based unit plan you need to provide a detailed lesson plan for only 1 lesson (60 min) of the 15 lessons. This plan should include learning outcomes, learning intentions and success criteria for the lesson, a hook, and scaffolded teaching and tasks. Formative assessment

Demonstrate your thinking about the relationship between curriculum, pedagogy and assessment by showing how the aims of the Victorian Curriculum are developed
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