developing a Coaching Session Plan.

For this week’s exercise, reflect on a time when you have either coached an employee or have been coached by your boss.  For this week, in the beginning of your plan, include the scenario of why there was a need for coaching session. Next, were the elements of a good coaching plan followed, and if not, which elements were missing?  Was it an effective coaching session and was the goal achieved?  What you would have done differently? Find a successful coach and discuss the drivers they used to motivate their players. Are these drivers consistent with your own coaching philosophy?

To be an effective coach, you should spend time developing a Coaching Session Plan.

In Part 1 of your new coaching session plan, align the elements of effective coaching with the above scenario in a way that you believe would be more effective.  In your new plan be sure to include your purpose, the ground rules you would follow, how you would keep focused, what you would do to ensure you are speaking clearly and simply, and how you would be open to new ideas.  Align your coaching session with the concepts from the weekly reading. Save Part 1 of your Coaching Session Plan to use for your final project in Week 8.


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