Often you will work in different areas and find protocols, policies or procedures for the same activity/topic written differently. There are a huge number of sources available for us to use when writing these documents. However, not all resources are credible or based on current evidence. This assignment requires you to compare two (2) clinical practice guidelines you find on the internet related to the topics below and critique them using the AGREE 11 tool. 1- Please choose one (1) topic from the following list to focus on  Diabetes monitoring  Pain management treatments  Diabetes management in paediatric patients  Administration of IV antibiotics  Management of adverse drug reactions  Management of the dehydrated patient  Wound care management  Management of the confused patient 2- Then find two (2) clinical practice guidelines relating to this topic 3- Once you have found your two (2) clinical practice guidelines, you are required to: Use the AGREE 11 tool to justify why you believe one of these clinical practice guidelines is better than the other. You are required to include the tool outcomes as an appendix When you submit your assignment, you will also be required to submit BOTH papers so you will be uploading THREE documents otherwise your paper will NOT be marked NURS2007 2018 Assignment 3 20180626 Assignment 3- Critique of clinical practice guidelines with AGREE 11 tool ver 1 To assist your thinking, use the headings below to structure your paper, and refer to your marking rubric Introduction: Describe the policies, or procedures, or protocols Discussion: 1. Critique your 2 clinical practice guidelines using the AGREE 11 tool (and include in you appendix) 2. Discuss (using evidence) why you believe one of these policies, or procedures, or protocols is better than the other 3. Focussing on the differences; suggest possible reasons why this might be the case – eg: cultural differences , a new organisation as opposed to an old one, size of the organisation, relevance of the policy to the organisations client base, resources available to the organisation , etc (You may not be able to prove these ideas with formal evidence but you need to demonstrate that you have thought about some possibilities for these differences) Conclusion: Summarise the keys points you have made Referencing & presentation 5% (100 words approx.) 30% (400 words approx.) 35% (900 words approx.) 10% (200 words approx.) 10% (200 words approx.) 10%

Diabetes monitoring ? Pain management treatments ? Diabetes management ​‌‌‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‌‍‍​in paediatric patients
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