Digital Marketing Review

Digital Marketing and Revenue Project



You will explore eCommerce Marketing through a Google certificate program and explore revenue and sales models.

· Consider the Sparkling Water Industry (,,,,

· Review and analyze the Industry (not the individual firms).  Describe the industry in terms of Porter’s Five Forces Model ( (5 pts) [At least 5 sentences]

· Choose one of the firms listed above, and examine the firm using the resource-based view of the firm ( specifically looking at VRIO [value, rarity, imitability, and organization] ( VRIO attributes help the firm to gain and sustain a competitive advantage. (5 pts) [At least 5 sentences]

· Reflect on potential opportunities and spaces within the industry.  Example – Spindrift is now creating alcoholic seltzers under their brand.  Propose five different opportunities in this space. (5 pts) [At least 5 sentences]

· Identify 5 companies offering their products for FREE.  Explain how each generates revenue from a FREE product such as direct cross-subsidies, multi-party markets, or Freemium. (10 points) – [Company (1 pt) and process for revenue generation (1 pt) x 5 companies]


Ready To Get Started

The Exertio is a Premium WordPress Theme, you can create your own market place website using this theme. It allows you to get a commission for hiring a freelancer or for each service sold.