APA format w/ title and reference page – at least 1 peer reviewed source – at least 800 words – over drug therapy with antimalarials or bronchodilators (you can pick based on which you can find more information ) – Talk about the medications themselves, what you would use them for, side effects, the administration process and things to be careful with, contraindications, any labs to check, and nursing interventions. Below I listed the rubric and assignment I was given: For the RN, the ability to communicate well through professional writing is a necessary skill. In order to help you grow in your writing skills you will be asked to complete an APA formatted paper in each of your ASN courses. For assistance with this paper you may use the OWL website; Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL), the Harrison College library, and myself. For this assignment conduct an Internet search for a peer reviewed article that discusses the responsibilities of the nurse in drug therapy. Summarize the key points of the article and your reaction to this article, including how you will incorporate this into your nursing practice. Rubric Paper Elements Points • Article summary discussing the nurse’s responsibility in drug therapy o Summary is thorough and includes examples, anecdotal evidence, and support 40 pts o Summary is adequate and includes support 30 pts o Summary is less than adequate and lacks evidentiary support 15pts 40 • You include discussion of your reaction to the article and how you will incorporate it into your practice. o Your reaction is articulate, thoughtful, and includes a plan for inclusion into practice 40 pts o Your reaction is adequate and includes a plan for inclusion into practice 30 pts. o Your reaction is less than adequate and lacks a structured plan 15pts 40 • Paper is in APA format with proper spelling and grammar. Includes a title page, reference page with peer reviewed source, and is at least 800 words. 1 point deduction per error 20

Discuss the side effects over drug therapy with antimalarials or bronchodilators what you would use them for
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