Malware continues to be most popular weapon used by cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities within systems running on enterprise networks. As information technologies continues to evolve, cybercriminals continue to find new ways of exploiting vulnerabilities within systems. Some of the most recent and notorious malware includes: ZeroAcess Botnet, Superfish Adware, Cryptolocker Trojan and WannaCry.

You are required to write a paper of no more than 4 pages on each of the above malware. The paper should address following:

  • Description of the malware
  • The malware family to which each malware belongs.
  • Describe characteristics of each malware family
  • Impact of each malware
  • Discuss the vulnerabilities that each malware exploited
  • How were the risks posed by each malware mitigated?


Report (30pts)
a) Project title & data breach description (5 pts)
b) Data breach impact and management role in mitigating cyber-risks (5 pts)
c) Lessons learned and recommendations (10 pts)
d) Proper use of cybersecurity concepts and terminology (5 pts)
e) Clear and coherent writing (5 pts)
Discuss the vulnerabilities that ZeroAcess Botnet, Superfish Adware, Cryptolocker Trojan and WannaCry malware exploited
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