Discussion Thread: Duty To Victims Of Violence

Post a thread of at least 600 words (content, not including references). analysis must be supported with a minimum of 2 scholarly sources other than the course textbook and provided materials. Each source must be cited in current APA format. Each thread and each reply must include both full citations in a reference list at the end of each post, and short-form in-text citations.

Acceptable sources include books, legal and business journals, legal cases, the law (cases, statutes, regulations, etc.), the Bible, biblical commentary, etc. Dictionaries and other web sources that lack scholarly support are not acceptable sources. Any sources cited must be current to the issue (e.g., Bible commentaries may by applicable from any age, but articles discussing current legal practices may no longer be relevant after 2 or 5 years).

A well-developed, complete worldview analysis of the situation requires more than simply adding a Bible verse at the end of the post. Each thread and each reply must include at least 1 verse from Scripture, quoted and applied as an integral part of the discussion of the applicable issues in the context of a Biblical worldview.

For this discussion:

A key element of torts analysis is the duty of care that a business owes to its customers and other stakeholders. If such a duty exists, breach of that duty can lead to liability for harm from the business’s actions or products.

After reading Chapter 7 on torts, including the Biblical Worldview analyses on pp. 147 (E-book p. 66) and 164 (E-book p. 71), address the question in the Point/Counterpoint on pp. 170-171 (E-book p. 76): Should the creators of violent media owe a duty of care to victims of crimes based on violent media?

Consider this question from the perspective of the owners and managers of companies that produce video games or other electronic entertainment (movies, TV, streaming content, music, etc.). 

Title your thread “Duty” or “No Duty” to indicate your conclusion.


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