Disputes between UK’s PM and the BBC

Policy Studies

11th Lecture, November 30, 2023



Checks and Balances



What If?



Disputes between UK’s PM and the BBC

• Independent from the government, • BBC Trustess (governor) are appointed by the British monarch on the advice of

the ministers, • Operation of BBC Overseen by the BBC Trust, • General-Director (Editor-in-Chief) Appointed by BBC Trust, • Operates under Royal Charter, • Revenue Based on COMPULSORY Television License Fee, • Level of the Fee Set Annually (three years in advance) by the

British Government and Agreed by Parliament • GOVERNMENTAL PUNISHMENT/REVENGE IS POSSIBLE





BBC One Question Time



Changing Vetting Process: Question Time



How To Be a Good Boy?

– Audience selection process – Who is Alison Fuller Pedley? – Fiona Bruce: ”As usual, our

audience has been selected to reflect the current political picture, depending where we are. So here in England that means there are more Conservative than Labour supporters plus a smaller number from other parties.”

(January 16, 2020, BBC Question Time)

Alison Fuller Pedley, Audience Producer, BBC Question Time

Fiona Bruce, Question Time host



BBC One: Question Time

February 20, 2020, BBC Question Time



Furthering PM’s Agenda

6.7 million views 3.8 K retweets

“We should completely close the borders…enough is enough.” This audience member says the number of people ‘flooding in’ to the UK is costing public services too much.



Nationality and Borders Bill

Riz Ahmed, British actor, April,20, 2022

The Nationality and Borders Act 2022 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom proposed in July 2021 relating to immigration, asylum and the UK’s modern slavery response. It proposes to introduce “designated places” or “offshore” asylum hubs for application of refugee and migrant asylum claims, potentially in another European country or an African country*.


Booted from BBC, al-Jazeera, March 12, 2023



“Offshore Processes” – deportation by force?

“Enough is enough. We must stop the boats.”, Suella Braverman, Home Secretary, March 7, 2023



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