Last week, you examined the concept of change, including your relationship to it and how it impacts an organization. Change is one of the most common and inevitable challenges that organizations—and people—will face. A practical way to embrace change is to formulate and apply innovative strategies to approach it. By improving how you react to change, you can increase the amount of opportunities you will have for positive outcomes. By implementing an innovation strategy, organizations can do the same.

In this Discussion, you will revisit the topics from last week and continue to explore your relationship with change, including how the resources from this Module impacted your thinking.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Consider how the Learning Resources in this module have had an impact on how you approach change and might inform future practice.
  • Refer to last week’s Discussion where you analyzed an organizational change that occurred in the past. For the purpose of this week’s Discussion, imagine yourself in the position of the manager or other decision maker(s) who led that change. If you were part of the decision process on that change, then you can draw from and reflect on your own experience.



Post a synthesis of creative approaches to change management based on the organizational change scenario you described in the Week 7 Discussion. Be sure to address the following:

  • Generate two or more recommendations for creative approaches you might have used to manage the organizational change (from the Week 7 Discussion) differently. (Note: This applies whether you originally managed the change or were on the receiving end of it, as well as whether the change went well or poorly.)
  • Provide a rationale for each of your proposed approaches, including potential impacts on individuals and on the organization as a whole.

Refer to the Week 8 Discussion Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this grading rubric to assess your work.

Read some of your colleagues’ postings.



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