Entrepreneurship/Pitch Ditch Project

BUS139 Pitch Deck Project


For this project, students must submit a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation (not Google Slides or Key) that will serve as a pitch deck that an entrepreneur would present to potential investors. Here are your assumptions: you are an entrepreneur that is going in person to pitch to a group of investors. That means that you are going to expand on items within your deck verbally and you should not put a lot of words on each slide. A great example is the 6×6 rule which means 6 bullet points per slide with no more than 6 words per line. PPT slides should look appealing. There are many “design” styles within PPT to choose from. Your pitch deck must have ALL the following components:

Company name and logo

· Company purpose

· Who is your company and what do they do?

· Customer’s problem/need

· What is the want or need that your product or service is solving for customers?

· Solution/Your value proposition

· There are likely many other substitutes for what you offer. What makes your product better so that customers will spend their hard-earned dollars on your product instead of your competitors?

· Why now?

· Why is now the prime opportunity for your product or service?

· The Market

· Please describe the market for this product. Include things such as how large the market is for all comparable businesses.

· Getting Customers

· Who is your target market? Who is your typical customer? How will you reach them? What price are they willing to pay? How do you get them to become repeat customers and recommend the product/service to their friends? NOTE: the answer is NOT everyone.

· Competitive Grid (with 3 competitors)

· There should be 3 competitors and you need to describe what EACH of them offers. Do not bulk them together as one.

· Traction/Milestones

· What goals have you achieved already and what do you still need to complete?

· Financials

· Estimate based on what you know. It does not need to be perfect but should include numbers and not just words.

· Team

· This can be you or pretend people. What skills does the team have?

· Call to Action

· What are you asking for from this investor? Make it clear what you are here presenting to them for.

· This slide must resemble the “Example Call to Action Slides as represented in Figure B.14, page 422 in the textbook. Update the numbers and categories or else you will not get credit for this slide.


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