ERP Report

Asgn6 – ERP Report
You are employed as an IT professional at a firm that has about 150 employees in 5 departments:
production/inventory, marketing, finance/accounting, HR, and IT. Until now, each department uses its
computer applications and databases; and all are connected to each other through another connection
Give the problems and costly maintenance of this arrangement, the firm wants to remove all these
systems and use a single ERP system to integrate all of the firms’ processes and operations and be used
by all employees and departments in the business. Management has asked you to prepare a report to
address this issue. First management wants to know which is better an in-house ERP or a cloud-based
ERP and second management want to know which the most appropriate system is to use I each
Prepare a report to address the following:
1. Make a comparison (advantages and disadvantage) between in-house and cloud ERP systems:
Use your own words; no cut and paste from the Internet.
In-house ERP systems Cloud ERP system
Security xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
No problems/issues yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
2. Compare the best ERP systems from each category (in terms of ; address features, capability, cost
(fixed, on-going) , maintenance etc).
Use your own words; no cut and paste from the Internet.
ERPsys1 (in-house) SkyERP (cloud
Cost 1.5 million dollars 1.23 million dollars
Annual maintenance $200,000 $50,000
Training On-site by vendor Virtual by vendor
Num of users Up to 500 Less than hundred
3. Recommendation
Address which system you recommend for management to get and explain the reason for your
recommendation and selecting which type and which system to acquire.
Upload your report to BB before the due date.


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