executive competencies


Create a short (less than 2 minutes) video introduction to yourself using a webcam and PowerPoint slides.

The video may be recorded in Kaltura or other compatible technology where the webcam and slide view are concurrently visible. The Using KalturaLinks to an external site. Campus resource can answer many of your Kaltura questions. If you choose to use technology other than Kaltura for your presentation, get permission from your instructor in advance. The requirement is to produce a continuous presentation which does not require manual advances to view slides and hear audio.

Use the Video Introduction & Topic Selection Template to create your PowerPoint slides.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • Your name and current or desired employment.
  • Your current or desired area of practice and your desired focus in healthcare.
  • Three NCHL healthcare executive competencies you believe are your strengths.
  • Three NCHL healthcare executive competencies, which you would like to develop further.
  • The topic area you would like to focus on for a data analysis project in this course. Cite relevant healthcare literature to support your choice of a topic area.
  • The value the data analysis project would bring to a healthcare organization (value proposition).
  • The relevance of the data analysis project to your current or future career interests and goals.

Additional Requirements

  • Assignment Format: In the video you create, display both PowerPoint slides and a webcam video of you presenting the information contained in the slides.
  • Slides: Use the Video Introduction & Topic Selection Template to create your PowerPoint slides.
  • Video Length: A maximum of two minutes.
  • APA Formatting: Format any in-text citations and references according to current APA style and formatting. Evidence and APALinks to an external site. can help with this.
  • Submission Requirements: Submit your video presentation in the Assignment area.

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