Essay should be based on Culture and the culture readings from the book, “A world of Ideas” by Lee A. Jacobus (10th edition). Respond to a question of your own about culture. Develop and original thesis statement and support claims in an essay that closely engages the issues raised in one or more of these readings: Some Considerations about the Nature of Culture (p.194) Jacob A. Riis, “The Color Line in New York” (p.209) John Rawls, “A Theory of Justice” (p.271) Reflections on the Nature of Culture (p.318) Also, cite two additional sources aside from the readings. They can be anything from a magazine, to other books, or journal articles, etc. Explain what culture is, how it’s affected, what stereotypes develop from different culture’s, the struggles certain cultures go through and how they world sees them. Why we have cultures and why we see them the way we do and what makes them be the way they are.

Explain the struggles certain cultures go through and how they world sees them
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