Question 1 – Learning Outcome 1:

You are the Risk Manager for a well established budget airline that specialises in seasonal leisure travel. One of the airline’s aircraft was involved in a near miss incident with another aircraft. This incident was filmed and the recording was subsequently released on social media.

You have been asked by the Board to investigate the effect of this incident on the public’s perception of the airline. As part of this investigation, you need to understand the influences on risk perception.

Explain, with justification, two significant issues influencing the public’s risk perception of the budget airline

following this near miss incident.

Question 2 – Learning Outcome 2:

You are the Risk Manager for KC plc, a small online direct insurer. KC plc has built its business from start-up to profitability by focusing on technology, customer data and complex information technology (IT) systems.

One of KC plc’s competitors recently experienced a data breach. Subsequently, you have been asked by the Board to review the potential impact on KC plc’s business should technology/cyber risks occur.

(a) Explain, with justification, four significant technology/cyber risks that KC plc may experience.

(b) Explain briefly one risk management action KC plc could take to mitigate each of the four risks you have

explained in (a) above.

Explain, with justification, four significant technology/cyber risks that a small online direct insurer may experience
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