Fashion Promotion

FACS 381 Fashion Promotion


Fashion Brand Promotion Campaign

Part-3: Creative Strategy and Execution

Total: 50 points


The next step in developing a promotional campaign is developing a creative strategy and creative execution. Use information from Chapter 9 in completing this assignment.


Assignment objective: The objective of this assignment is to help you develop creative skills used in creating promotional messages and learn about the process of its delivery.


NOTEFor this assignment, use the brand assigned to you at the beginning of the semester. Refer to the student-brand list uploaded on Canvas.


Instructions: This assignment is divided into two parts:

Part 1: Develop a Creative Strategy

The first part of developing promotional message is developing a creative strategy document. This is a brief, succinct written report (upto 2 pages), which promotion team share with executives and inform them about what will be said in the advertising campaign. Your creative strategy should include the following elements (keep the heading in your report):

· Overall objective: what is the purpose of making the advertisement? What is the problem that advertisement can solve? What action or change do you hope will result from this communication?

· Target audience: To whom do you want to communicate the message? How it will be shared and delivered to the target market.

· Promise: What is the single idea or promise that explains why the target market should act as you desire? The ideas should summarize the key benefit the target audience can expect to receive.

· Support: Why should the audience believe in your message? What facts do you want to present to the target market.

· Concept (major selling idea): What is the major selling idea you will use to create an impression of the brand of product?

· Tone statement: what is the personality of the advertisement? This will help you select images, text, tone, vocabulary, and presentation style.

· Media: How are you going to execute this message? NOTE: For this assignment, you are required to create a print ad (see part-2 below). However, for creative strategy development, you can propose other media like TV ad, newspaper ad etc. you think could be beneficial in delivering your message.

Part 2: Develop a Creative Execution

For this part, create a print ad (one Powerpoint slide or use Canva) for your assigned brand (see student brand list). The developed ad could be a product advertisement or promotional advertisement of and an awareness advertisement promoting social responsibility aspect of your brand. The ideas for the print ad should be original. Make sure to add brand identifiers like logo in your ad. Pay attention to design elements and principles in creating this ad.


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