Please write a conceptual frame work about the research, instead of what you wrote before as it’s not what’s expected.

Conceptual framework A diagram of how the different concepts in the proposed research are related. You may use (and reference) one from a published source, or draw one yourself.

  • These questions can be deleted and please use this instead, “To find how tourists feel about their travelling affect climate change?” and you keep all the text, but write on this questions and draw a conceptual framework to this question. Or copy from an article and reference properly and doi is not required.
  • To find how climate change affects snow cover, thus threatening winter activities
  • To find the impact of sustainability (transport sustainability) on tourism
  • To find out how uncomfortably high temperatures causes shift in destinations
  • To find out the effects of climate changes in the rising of the sea level.

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Literature review

            Climate change trends have largely threatened the future of global natural resources that have for decades served as the key tourist attractions to various parts of the globe. Winter sport as well as safety of beaches in different parts of the world is being jeopardized because of the continued ignorance to take care of our environment as well as dependence on unsustainable means to fuel our lives (Griffis & Howard, 2013). Sustainable tourism entails the process of paying a visit to various scenic and point of attractions, along with the act of taking measures to ensure a positive impact on the environment. Sustainability thus implies to the concept of adopting environmentally friendly means for managing diverse issues to ensure adequate preservation of the natural state of a phenomenon, ensure future profitability as well as conserve the environment (Bramwell & Lane, 2006). In the last few decades, climate change has resulted to destruction of many ecosystems, thereby negatively impacting on the future of tourism.

According to Draper & Stewart (2016), climate change has negative impact on nature and as a result negatively affects the growth of tourism. For instance, one of the key effects of climate change is that it leads to melting of the polar ice, which is a major tourist attraction. It also causes melting of the snow cape on mountains due to the rising temperatures (Hassan, 2016). This destroys the attractive points; which affects the growth of tourism in the world.

Major companies and how they are taking sustainability initiatives

            Regardless of the continued destruction of environment, which result to climate change, and consequent effects in tourism; companies are starting to adopt sustainability initiatives including the use of renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar to replace the non-renewable sources which destroys the environment (Hassan & Rahimi, 2016). In addition, motor-vehicle industries are beginning to invest in the manufacture of electric cars, trains as well as other transportation equipment, thus contributing to the growth of sustainable tourism. Such actions and initiatives have ensured there is reduced level of CO2 emissions, thus ensuring a more sustainable environment (Hall, Kirkpatrick & Mitchell, 2005). Transportation has been the leading contributor to CO2 emission, and thus the adoption of electric cars and trains has resulted to a more sustainable transport, which largely leads to sustainable tourism.

Conceptual framework

Diagram from (Rosselló-Nadal, 2014).

From the diagram above, it is evident that the changing climate has resulted to extremely dire effects to tourism. For instance, from the diagram above, it is evident that climatic; particularly high temperatures have resulted to melting of snow, thus leading to overflow of water (Bramwell & Lane, 2006). This has seen destruction of beaches, where millions of tourists used to visit and enjoy themselves. This way, climatic change has directly impacted on tourism globally.

Find out how uncomfortably high temperatures causes shift in destinations
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