Foreign Employment and Remittance

Foreign Employment and Remittance(Nepal)

Title Page:

Title of the research paper:: Foreign Employment and Remittance(Nepal)

Your name.

Institutional affiliation

Date of submission.




Provide an overview of the research problem or topic.


State the research objectives and the significance of the study.


Briefly review relevant literature and highlight the research gap.


Literature Review:

A comprehensive review of existing literature related to your research topic.


Identify key theories, concepts, and prior studies that are relevant to your research.


Discuss how your research builds upon or contributes to the existing literature.





Describe the research methods and techniques you used.


Explain your data collection methods (surveys, interviews, case studies, etc.).


Justify your choice of research methods and sample size.



Data Presentation and Analysis:



Present your research findings through tables, charts, graphs, or other visual aids.


Discuss the results objectively, pointing out their significance and implications.



Summarize the key points of your research.


Provide practical recommendations or suggestions for future research.





List all the sources you cited in your paper using a specific citation style by APA.

Ensure proper formatting and alphabetization.



Page No

1. Introduction

2. Objective of the study

3. Research Methodology

4. Literature Review

5. Analysis and Discussion

6. Conclusion

7. Reference


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